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This journal is intended to serve as a working blog for Strange Land Costuming, where I can share progress photos, ideas, sketches, and blather about sewing and commissioning in general. There may be tutorials. There may be fandom opinions. There may even be mentions of my personal projects. But mostly, it's a way to keep up-to-date on what SLC is working on besides direct customer commissions.

We're happy to have discussions and take commentary! LJ users, log in using OpenID! Anon commenting is on and not screened, but we reserve the right to change that if the privilege is abused or we get a lot of spambots. Feel free to link us on blogs, tumblr, Facebook, etc, if you see a post or tutorial that may be of help to other costumers and cosplayers, just make sure to give credit where credit is due. Facebook and Etsy users, give us a Like if you see something that catches your eye or makes you think.

All photos belong to Strange Land Costuming unless otherwise noted. All ideas belong to Strange Land Costuming and permission must be requested before copying or building off of them (which is pretty easy to do, lord knows I never make 90% of the things I think up). All official images from movies, TV, animation, manga, and comics are copyright of their respective license and trademark holders, and are linked here under fair use clauses for reference purposes only.

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