Nov. 17th, 2016

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I wrote this in January of 2016, to send to the president of the International Costumers Guild to explain why I was stepping down as vice-president and not renewing my membership in the guild, and in a more broad sense, what I saw as concerns about the viability of the ICG.

Since then, CC34 happened, and I was so burned out after promoting, organizing, and running it that I felt completely justified in walking out the door and never wanting to associate with the ICG again. Over the summer and fall, one or two veteran members were making a stink on Facebook and their personal (but public and shareable) blogs about how cosplay wasn't "real" costuming and getting huffy because everyone uses this word now. So, understandably, all of this came up again.

I decided to repost the letter publicly, here, so I can share it with interested parties. I don't intend for this to go viral but this is the internet, we know how this goes. I am reposting it unedited, so even if I may have rethought a thing or two since then, I want it out there as a snapshot of what was told to the President in January 2016 and how in November, it has not been addressed in any way.

my letter to Phil Gust who is a really awesome guy, actually )


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